Insect phylogeny

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> Here's one for the systematics folks to chew on.
> What is the currently accepted version of the phylogeny of the insects and
> what is the evidence for it?  Has the fossil record been elucidated very
> much or is it all based on assuming that any insect with an aquatic larval
> form is more primitive than one with a terrestrial larval form?
> This may be too broad for the Leps list, so if someone can suggest an
> entomology forum for this posting, feel free.  I am interested to find out
> what has guided the determination that Scorpion Flies are "more advanced"
> than Beetles, why are Fleas considered to be at the top of the heap, etc.
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Just to let you know, if you don't already, about the "Tree of Life"
project on the web, run by David & Wayne Maddison.  It is continuously
under development and won't answer all of your questions, but is a
resource for those interested in insect phylogeny or the phylogeny of
anything else.  


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