Pelee Island, Ontario, Butterfly Count

Donald A. Davis donald.davis at
Thu Aug 5 02:30:29 EDT 1999

Hugh Currie reporting on the Toronto Rare Bird Hotline described the
results of the  2nd Pelee Island Butterfly Count,  held on Sunday,
August 1st. There were 20 participants. Included in the count was the
Middle Island - Canada's most southerly point (recently purchased by The
Nature Conservancy from American owners).

Highlights of the 41 species found, including 5 on Middle Island,

- the first ever common checkered skipper for Pelee Island
- 43 buckeyes
- 10 little yellows
- 2 pipevine swallowtails
- 3 fiery skippers
- 62 olive hairstreaks
- 35 snouts
- 5 Milbert's tortoiseshells

In Toronto on Friday, July 30th, on the Leslie Street Strip were seen a
giant swallowtail and white M hairstreak.  Fiery skippers are commonly
found along the Toronto waterfront.

Don Davis
Toronto, ON

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