Green Hairstreak Callophrys rubi

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Mon Aug 9 15:47:08 EDT 1999

I recently (19 - 23/7/99) spent several hours looking for Green Hairstreak
larvae at strong site for the butterfly near Huddersfield in West Yorkshire,
UK. The aim was to gather data on habitat and foodplant (Bilberry Vaccinium
myrtillus here - I think) for use in a local species action plan. As I
failed to find a single caterpillar, can anyone help with any of the
following questions?

What stage Bilberry growth is preferred (ie plant height, density, age etc).
Do the larvae leave characteristic feeding damage.
Was I looking too late ie had pupation already occurred.
Do they feed at night and rest well down in the plant during the day.
Would light late summer - winter grazing be likely to be detrimental to the
population or would it rejuvenate the Bilberry providing more suitable young
growth for larval food.

Also, if anyone knows of further Green Hairstreak sites in West/South
Yorkshire areas I would be very interested to have a look to help define
habitat requirements, particularly on heathy sites.

Thanks for any info

John Moore

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