More hairstreak questions

Dylan Lloyd dylansteven at
Mon Aug 9 17:00:41 EDT 1999

Has anyone defined a survey method for the purple hairstreak (Quercusia
quercus), a United Kingdom canopy living butterfly.

We have a site which we would like to monitor with good canopy views. I am
interested in talking to people with similar experience.


Dylan Lloyd.
North Wales, UK.

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Date: 09 August 1999 21:17
Subject: Green Hairstreak Callophrys rubi

>I recently (19 - 23/7/99) spent several hours looking for Green Hairstreak
>larvae at strong site for the butterfly near Huddersfield in West
>UK. The aim was to gather data on habitat and foodplant (Bilberry Vaccinium
>myrtillus here - I think) for use in a local species action plan. As I
>failed to find a single caterpillar, can anyone help with any of the
>following questions?
>What stage Bilberry growth is preferred (ie plant height, density, age
>Do the larvae leave characteristic feeding damage.
>Was I looking too late ie had pupation already occurred.
>Do they feed at night and rest well down in the plant during the day.
>Would light late summer - winter grazing be likely to be detrimental to the
>population or would it rejuvenate the Bilberry providing more suitable
>growth for larval food.
>Also, if anyone knows of further Green Hairstreak sites in West/South
>Yorkshire areas I would be very interested to have a look to help define
>habitat requirements, particularly on heathy sites.
>Thanks for any info
>John Moore

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