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Hi Dylan,

I know of several recorders who use the Pollard Walk method, but late in the
afternoon an into the evening and using binoculars. Q. quercus is very much more
observable at these times. I recall one series of counts in a Warwickshire
woodland producing (typically) ten times more purple hairstreaks during the
evening walks than during a late morning to early afternoon walks on the same
day. Get in touch with the Warwickshire Branch Organiser of Butterfly
Conservation for more details (their website is undergoing construction, so not
much use at the moment:

Hope this helps,


Dylan Lloyd wrote:

> Has anyone defined a survey method for the purple hairstreak (Quercusia
> quercus), a United Kingdom canopy living butterfly.
> We have a site which we would like to monitor with good canopy views. I am
> interested in talking to people with similar experience.
> Cheers,
> Dylan Lloyd.
> North Wales, UK.

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