Duck and swing, and lep soc meeting comment

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Tue Aug 10 07:54:11 EDT 1999

jest jesting, sir. no offense. never would I suggest seriously that the
military has ever provided customers for ladies of the night. heaven
It is well known that camp followers were there to do the laundry and
I was giggling, you will recall, at the suggestion that a military flag
was the source for the term "Painted Lady". 
It might, for all I know, be a figurehead ... they were gorgeously
bedizened. Gave the lads something to think about when they were far
from home and mother. 
Anne Kilmer
south Florida
"James J. Kruse" wrote:
> On Mon, 9 Aug 1999, Anne Kilmer wrote:
> > While a Painted Lady is indeed of military interest, it refers to a lady
> > of easy virtue.
> Take care now. There are all kinds in the audience. I won't take myself
> too seriously and realize that Anne is trying to be funny. I don't go out
> of my way to take pokes at other folks or their occupations and request
> that personal opinions of such be kept under wraps when taking the stage.
> Sound too sensitive? People like to beat on the military dog until they
> need it (though they can't imagine they ever would).
> I would also like to second Hank's 'Bravo Zulu' of the Lep Soc meeting for
> those still reading. It was good to be able to associate names with faces,
> and would recommend next year's meeting in North Carolina to everyone. The
> presentations were of high quality, and as usual, the tales were tall. Evi
> did indeed do a great job, as did the other planners and behind the scenes
> workers.
> Regards,
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