evolution in KS

John Grehan jrg13 at psu.edu
Wed Aug 11 22:47:27 EDT 1999

James J. Kruse wrote

>Kansas Board Votes To Bar Evolution From Classroom
>            2.01 p.m. ET (1802 GMT) August 11, 1999
> TOPEKA, Kan. The Kansas Board of Education rejected evolution as a
> scientific principle Wednesday, dealing a victory to religious
>conservatives who are increasingly challenging science education in U.S.

I'm not suprised considering how badly evolution is taught - at least what
I have seen about teaching evolution is the obsession with evolution
having occured or evolution being a fact rather than evolution as a
scientific research program. One document I read on teaching evolution
 produced by some
teaching organization was simply a list of beliefs rather than an outline
of a coherent methdology that would circumscribe evolution as a 
scientific research program. Some of the items I would not ascribe
to, so by their doctrine I cannot be an evolutionist. I think proponents
of evolution are creating the problem as much as the creationists.

Apologies to Leps List for this response (to the announcement posted on
the list) - I realize its not directly relevent to the list and will not
say more
on this subject unless others continue the issue on that list.

John Grehan

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