<www.butterflywings.com> URL and website for SALE!!

Sheri Moreau sheri at butterflywings.com
Wed Aug 11 23:19:11 EDT 1999

My apologies in advance for those of you who may be receiving duplicate
copies of this posting!!

As many of you are aware, I am getting out of the butterfly farming
business in the October timeframe to move to a warmer climate and pursue
some rather exciting Internet and travel related opportunities. I've been
selling off the bits and pieces of my business for the past month or so,
and other items will be offered as they become available.

For example, the 8" butterfly boxes shown on my website's
<www.butterflywings.com/release.html> page FINALLY came in this afternoon;
I have to individually package them and price them and get them ready for
shipping to those people who have already expressed an interest in them. I
only needed 15, and they come in batches of 50. The 5" boxes were no longer
available, and when I ordered the 8" boxes, they told me they only had 150
left (after my order, which was placed 10 days ago). 

I have seeds, loads of plants, books and videos and nets and extension
poles and other stuff which I will be listing in the next week or so.

BUT, what I'm really interested in here is auctioning off the website I've
designed for my business. The deal is this: I'll put
<www.butterflywings.com> up for auction until midnight, Pacific Standard
Time, September 18, 1999. Minimimum bid is $1500. US money orders only,

I've checked with the WebMaster Designers list and assorted other
webmasters, and they've given me ranges for them create a site of that
calibre from scratch from $2900-$4000. Currently the website receives in
the neighborhood of 1,200 UNIQUE visitors per week--and I have server
statistics to prove it. I get 4-5 requests EVERY day for Y2K wedding
brochures, and 3-4 per day for weddings in September/October, despite
notices on my site that I'm virtually sold out for these periods! I have
records showing that I was sending out in the neighborhood of 175-215
brochures per month from January to July of this year. In other words, the
website works. The only other place I bother to pay to advertise on is The
Butterfly Website--which is well worth the $200/year Jack charges!!

I have numerous saved statements from site visitors telling me my site is
the most informative and interesting one they've found about butterflies on
the Internet.

The winner of the auction receives the following:

ALL business names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, About Us
pages, consulting fees, gift shop items, prices, and other items of that
nature are changed to the what applies to YOUR BUSINESS for FREE. The text
on the opening page is changed for free, and you can keep or replace any of
the photographs as you see fit. The school kits page packages can be put
back up at any time (I'm not selling livestock kits right now, and despite
the notice on the site, I get 4-5 calls per day from teachers looking for
caterpillars right now.) The color scheme can be changed for free, if you
so desire. All the major Search Engines will be updated to reflect the new
name of the business.  Any text you wish to retain you may do so. (in
short, we're talking at LEAST 10-15 hours of work on my part to make the
website reflect YOUR business, not mine...and I charge $55/hour to design a

The site is NOT interactive in that people cannot order butterflies and use
their credit cards over the site in a secure manner. Personally, I find
that the teachers and brides I talk to have too many questions that need to
be dealt with via a phone conversation to find the cost of adding secure
server capability to be worthwhile--but if you want to add this capability,
Jack Mikula or Steve Connolley can assist!

Jack Mikula can move the entire site over to his Butterfly Website server,
and he has a fabulous annual fee deal which is considerably cheaper than
the $25/monthly fee I'm paying to my local server. Or, we can move the site
anyplace else you desire.

PLEASE contact me DIRECTLY if you are interested in bidding on this
website. The numbers and discussions do not belong on the general butterfly

Thanks in advance for your interest!!!

<sheri at butterflywings.com>

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