Few butterflies this year

George B. Lutman gbl at atomic.net
Sun Aug 15 11:48:59 EDT 1999

Being given the title "Butterfly Lady" at the N.C. Zoological Park, I am
in a unique position to speak to visitors from many states.

Visitors from MO, VA, GA, AL, and over all of NC note the reduced
numbers of butterflies this year. The July 4th Ashe County (NC)
butterfly count recorded no Painted Lady this year for the first time.

18 species of butterflies have been attracted to my own perennial patch
and we have identified 8 woodland species. Yet, this year, we have seen
very few, if any, of the butterflies common to our garden.

Is this just a low count due to a natural cycling? I would appreciate
any comments from readers about the low numbers of butterflies this


Loretta Lutman

gbl at atomic.net

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