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Colias hyale sighted In Denmark, several males, mid Zealand, 10 th of

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> Sphinx action in August can sometimes be interesting so we headed for
> Canyon in the Atiscosa Mountains to see what we could see.  We keep
records of
> what we see by the hour and how many.  We set a personal best with 12
> sphinx in the 8-9 hour.  We ended up with 15 for the night which is
> above.  Silk moths were way down as expected with a total of 3 different
> species.  All in all, a great year for us.  We managed 16 Rothchildia
> this year and im told we got real lucky.  We also took 7 Automeris
> panagoniensis in one night, so it looks like weve got some magic working
for us
> this year.  Anyway, listed below is our count for the night.  Pardon the
> spelling as Im winging this without references.  Take care all.
>                               lineata
> quinquemaculata
> sexta
> rustica
> muscosa
> florestan
> occidentalis
> myops
> achemon
> soliceti
> dolii
> typhon
> second hour through the rest of the night
> ello
> sonorensis
> smithi (new species)
> Silkies
> Antherea occulea
> Sphingicampa hubbardi
> Citheronea oslari
> And thousand of unidentified "Ids"
> Thats all folks.

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