Summer Hemileuca

James J. Kruse kruse at
Mon Aug 16 23:48:46 EDT 1999


A trip to Monitor Pass, Alpine County (right near the Mono County line)
California on 15 August yielded:

Hemileuca hera (2)
Hemileuca eglanterina (2-3) really beat up
Hemileuca nuttalli (~50+)

2 hours on station.

I caught 6 of the H. nuttalli, including a female. I nearly pitched myself
down a ravine chasing one, so I decided to swing only at close passers-by.
Rugged habitat, if you have had the ankle-twisting, leg-slashing pleasure.
I love it, really!

Rumor has it there were butterflies there too.
Cercyonis oetus and tailed coppers and such. Ran into a Japanese fellow
looking for Parnassius phoebus, but he was too late.

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