evolution in KS

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Tue Aug 17 02:06:44 EDT 1999

Jim Kruse wrote:

> My posting was more of a reaction to an example of 'thought police'. I
> think that people should be exposed to a variety of theories 
> in school and
> be allowed to subscribe to whatever theory they desire, 
> provided they can
> defend their position intelligently. Disallowing the instruction in
> certain theories because you (or your group) disagree and 
> therefore you do
> not want anyone to hear about any of the competing theories is deeply
> revolting to me. It shows that these folks pulling the 
> strings in Kansas
> do not believe that people are intelligent enough to make up their own
> minds about this. Moreover it shows their _fear_ that more people will
> not subscribe to their position. Power through ignorance. ooh 
> raaah.

Well, Jim, what you describe above is exactly what has happened over the
past 30 years - only it's the theory of evolution and it's proponents that
have been guilty - not creationists.  I, for one, completely support the
idea of allowing all competing theories - and for allowing the people to
make up their own minds.  This is precisely what has not been happening in
the public arena over the past decades, so your argument appears ill posed.

But then I'm sure you really mean to practice what you preach - and that you
would in fact embrace the co-teaching of the science of creationism in
schools along with the theories involving evolution.  Maybe we can co-author
a petition to the Kansas State Board of Education - along with the other 49

Mark Walker.

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