Plants/flowers to attract butterflies

Bill Oldroyd William_Oldroyd at
Wed Aug 18 18:34:19 EDT 1999

This is my first posting to this group.
I have a 10 x 20' plot of my backyard that I'm relandscaping. I would
like to plant flowers and a shrub that will attract birds, hummingbirds,

and butterflies. I've been reading a couple of books on
plants/flowers/shurbs that will attract them, but I wondered if some of
you have had experience in this area.
Infact, something along the lines of "I have _____ (flower/shrub name)
in my yard, and the ______ (butterfly attracted) go crazy for it", would
awesome. I realize that certain plants attract egg laying/larva vs.
adults.  Experience in either case would be appreciated. Anyone willing,
please e-mail me with your information.
Thanks for your time,
(by the way, is this newsgroup restricted to educational institutions
only? I can't view it from home)
Bill Oldroyd
Orem, Utah
e-mail:  William_Oldroyd at

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