Unidentified Insect - Please Help

PVAN PAV_70 at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 18 21:59:01 EDT 1999

Please excuse my ignorance on this subject, but I am not an etymologist.
Recently, I have noticed a very unusual insect on my property in Atlanta.
At least I have never seen an insect like this before.  It is "bright" red,
with black stripes, and I spotted it coming out of a rather large hole
burrowed in the ground.  It resembles a very large ant.  I also noticed
about 10 or more of these insects flying around one area early one morning.
Does anyone know what this may be?  Can it sting?  Does this insect pose any
threat to my property like a termite, or carpenter beetle?  Please E-mail
your responses to me at this address.

Thanks In Advance,


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