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This all sounds entirely reasonable and sensible to me.  I don't feel
threatened by the objective analysis of the world around us.  It serves no
ones interests to mask valid ideas based solely on consensus (and
historically, this has occurred on both sides of this issue).
Scientifically, John, I do think that this lack of objectivity is wrong and
that it should be discouraged.  I don't personally feel that it should be
"legislated".  I am, however, in favor of exploiting whatever public or
private mechanisms that may exist for perpetuating my opinion.  Writing
letters to State Boards of Education falls nicely into this category, as
does writing letters to my elected representatives.  Sorry if you consider
this to be "politiking my religious beliefs".  I consider it part of my
freedom of speech.

Just for the record, I am disturbed by the blatant rejection and denial of
God by so many who are "educated" in the sciences.  If you read the
scripture, you'll find that this haughty attitude is primal and
characterized over and over throughout the testaments as the seed which
causes separation from God.  It is, by definition, the violation of the 1st
Commandment.  It is, by definition, the unpardonable sin.

Personally, I am content to consider myself to be quite clueless of the
things of God (like the creation of universes, etc.).  Only one thing is
ultimately important for me:  To remain utterly and entirely dependant upon

And incidentally, I love the way He painted the butterflies...

Mark Walker.

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