libraries and evolution teaching

Mark Walker MWalker at
Thu Aug 19 23:58:23 EDT 1999

Neil Jones wrote:

> Creation Science is, as I have said before, a FRAUD. It is not science
> at all but Hebrew Mythology in mascarade.

My information says that this statement makes you a liar.  How can you
honestly sit there and make such a statement?  How the hell do you know?
You are, like me, nothing but a chunk of meat - organic material destined to
decay back into dust.  Can't you see the ridiculous presumptuousness of such
statements?  Doesn't it at all make you feel vulnerable - naked and
miniscule - a mere bug on the windshield of life?  (there, that keeps this
on topic).

> If creationism is correct. Biological theory is wrong. Cosmological
> Theory is wrong. Quantum mechanics theory is wrong. 
> Geological theory is 
> wrong.

Or Neil Jones is wrong.  Since all are based on human "understanding", I
would say that you shouldn't count any of them as being "gospel".

There are pearls, and then there are swine.  I seem to remember some good
advice regarding the two somewhere.  I think it's time to take that advice -
and get back to prayer.

Peace (which IS of God)

Mark Walker.

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