Science and creationism

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Mon Aug 23 10:26:12 EDT 1999

>To me evolution is a fact. It is demonstrably true and has been
>to be true.

semjase wrote:  "This is a statement of faith which is little different
than a religious one."

This is NOT a statement of faith, as one is not ASSUMING it is true, but
rather we have arrived at this conclusion by constant TESTING.    If
evolution has occurred, we should see signatures of this -- fossils, common
features (form shared ancestry) in organisms that otherwise like and do very
different things (such as bats and whales).  We have been testing
evolution for over 100 years, using new and different methods (most recently DNA)
and the theory still holds.  predictions about   In contrast, no religious
belief has been so "tested"  --- nor should it.  Religion deals with
matters of faith  -- a deep belief which requires no testing, as one knows it
is fundamentally true.  Science does NOT do this.  We feel things are
fundamentally true only after trying to disprove them.



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