Question about Lyonetiidae...

Martin Ellis Mjellis at
Fri Aug 27 09:27:24 EDT 1999

The answer probably depends on whose taxonomic list you use, but in John
Bradley's latest UK list the genus Bucculatrix is placed in its own family
Bucculatricidae whilst Lyonetiidae is also still kept as a family.

Martin Ellis

>I am a brazilian student and I cited in my ms. a paper of Dr. R Karban
>(1993) in which he described the effects of induced defense on the
>population dynamics of a folivore, Bucculatrix thurberiella (Lepidoptera:
>Lyonetiidae). The revisor sent it me back, asking me if this family hasn't
>change to BUCCULATRICIDAE? Since, I don't work with Lepidoptera, could
>somebody help me with this question?!
>Thank you...
>I hope to hearing from you soon
>Tatiana Garabini Cornelissen
>UFMG - Brazil

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