New Ontario Regulations for Lepidoptera

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Sun Aug 29 08:58:10 EDT 1999

Just so the regulations also apply to exterminators, home-owners and
gardeners, I think they're perfectly fine. :-)
Seriously, I think you can get a lot of mileage from the education
thing. Educating yourself is valid, after all. 
It does seem silly to protect insects from the people who love them,
while leaving them vulnerable to developers, foresters, and anybody else
who can crank up a spray truck. Perhaps we have a public-relations
Anne Kilmer
South florida

Michael Gochfeld wrote:
> The Ontario regs are interesting if imperfect.
> I am not opposed to regulations on invertebrates.
> In some jurisdictions, protecting invertebrates may be an important step
> in protecting habitats.
> Those of us who have worked primarily  with vertebrates have had to get
> scientific permits from federal and state agencies for our entire
> working life. So it doesn't seem so onerous if we now have to apply for
> an additional permit to collect certain invertebrates.
> I probably wouldn't want to have to apply for a separate permit
> everytime I capture an ant or bee or aphid for identification.
> One of the ironies and inconsistencies in some proposed regs, is that
> it's ok to capture or kill something if you're not doing it seriously or
> planning to study it. But once you decide to study it you need a permit.
> This is true in foreign countries as well.  When we go to Kenya to watch
> wildlife, no permit required. But when we went to study behavior we got
> a permit.
> Mike Gochfeld

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