New Ontario Regulations for Lepidoptera

J C Lucier lucierj at
Sun Aug 29 09:50:01 EDT 1999


I live in a very unique area of Essex county, within 7 miles of
Point Pelee National Park. This is my second year of butterfly
gardening. Behind our property, there is 4 acres of bush which
support prickly ash, hop tree, sassafras and spicebush. I have
record numbers of Swallowtail (Papilionidae).

The Black Swallowtail (Papilio polyxenes) oviposit on fennel in my
garden, and the Giant (Papilio cresphontes) on rue (ruta
graveolens). However, this year I have noticed the larvae are not
developing as well as they did last year.

There is a field of BT corn next to our property. If the corn is
harming the larvae, will the Ministry step in according to the new
regulations? If I remove the larvae to a safe location, or take them
in my house will I be subject to charges?


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