Lepidoptera for exchange

Mothman617 mothman617 at aol.com
Sun Aug 29 18:35:15 EDT 1999

I now have a large variety lepidoptera available for exchange. All specimens
are from the northeast US (Massachusetts). All are A1 to A- quality wild caught
specimens. Families include Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Hesperidae,
Lycaenidae, Satyridae, Noctuidae, Saturnidae, Sphingidae. What I am looking for
now are western US species of Papilio (P. multicaudata, P. eurymedon, P.
bairdii etc.) I need some fresh pairs of these. Also European, Australian and
Japanese species. Also need western US Saturnids (H. gloveri, R. orizaba, H.
euryalis) and Nymphalidae of the genus Asterocampa. Feel free to E-mail me at
Mothman617 at aol.com if you are interested.

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