Lepidoptera for exchange

Benoit Watier watb at videotron.ca
Mon Aug 30 17:38:09 EDT 1999

Hi, i am very interested in exchange! i have a lot of south America and indonesian
butterflies, iam very interested in papilionidae, nymphalidae, sphingidae and
saturnidae of the world. My specimens are A1.
Do you have a list?

Pierre-Luc Watier

Mothman617 a écrit :

> I now have a large variety lepidoptera available for exchange. All specimens
> are from the northeast US (Massachusetts). All are A1 to A- quality wild caught
> specimens. Families include Papilionidae, Pieridae, Nymphalidae, Hesperidae,
> Lycaenidae, Satyridae, Noctuidae, Saturnidae, Sphingidae. What I am looking for
> now are western US species of Papilio (P. multicaudata, P. eurymedon, P.
> bairdii etc.) I need some fresh pairs of these. Also European, Australian and
> Japanese species. Also need western US Saturnids (H. gloveri, R. orizaba, H.
> euryalis) and Nymphalidae of the genus Asterocampa. Feel free to E-mail me at
> Mothman617 at aol.com if you are interested.

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