Wanted: Advice for Rearing *Parasemia plantaginis* (Wood Tiger)

MJS323 mjs323 at aol.com
Mon Aug 30 20:35:54 EDT 1999

Jeri and Alan;

   Your best effort to overwinter these Arctiid larvae is to put them in an
aquarium or some similar container in a protected spot in your garage or porch,
where they will get the temperatures and humidity of the outdoors, but not get
accidentally drowned.  Put a screened top over the aquarium.  I would use
potting soil and dead, dried leaves on the bottom.  The larvae will probably
eat without problem Romaine Lettuce whenever you need to feed them, just leave
some good leaves available to them, they might feed on nice days.  Most general
feeding Arctiid larvae will love Romaine Lettuce.  Good luck.

Mike Smith

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