Question about husbandry of Chilecomadia moorei

Arklier arklier at
Fri Dec 3 09:44:20 EST 1999

I am interested in raising Chilean Cossid moths as food for my herp
collection. They grow on the Trevo bush (Trevoa trinervis) in South
America. The scientific name is Chilecomadia moorei, and the larva is
sold as food for reptiles and amphibians under the common names
Butterworms or Trevo worms. But at $8.50 for 50 at the pet store, they
must have been handpicked off the Trevo bush and sent here from Chile.
I am interested in starting a colony, and would appriciate any info or
speculation on their raising in captivity, life cycle length, and so
on. Would they be similar to wax moths in their requirements? Please
email me directly. Thanks in advance for any info you might have.

arklier at
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