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ASSOCIATE INSECT BIOSYSTEMATIST:  The Plant Pest Diagnostics Center, at
the California Department of Food and Agriculture, is accepting
applications for Associate Insect Biosystematist.  Applicants must
identify native and foreign insects; perform independent, specialized
and complex biosystematic analyses and research; maintain the insect
collection and current literature in your discipline; assist in
evaluating insect problems; and train laboratory technicians and
seasonal employees.  The position is located in Sacramento.  A Ph.D. in
Systematic Entomology is required, or a Masters with two subsequent
years experience in this discipline may be substituted.  Successful
candidates must possess a high degree of professional competence as a
specialist in a group of insects, other arthropods, or mollusks, plus
have knowledge of the complex procedures and techniques used in
identifying and curating their groups.  The closing date for accepting
required application forms, and resumes, is January 14, 2000. 
Applications and information are available by writing, calling or
E-mailing: Ray Gill, Plant Pest Diagnostics Center, California
Department of Food and Agriculture, 3294 Meadowview Road, Sacramento, CA
95832-1448, USA.  (916) 262-1155.  rgill at  [Applications
(form STD 678, REV 8-97) are available online at:, as *download the file capp.exe* using
Adobe Acrobat.]

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