Plume moths in Pennsylvania?

John Grehan jrg13 at
Tue Dec 14 14:22:11 EST 1999

>Are there what I've heard commonly called plume moths or feather-wing moths
>in eastern Pennsylvania?
>Arlene Koch
>Easton, PA

The following species with PA are recorded from Pennsylvania and represented
in the Frost Entomological Museum collection (a very incomplete Pterophorid
collection for the region).

John Grehan

Buckleria parvulus (Barnes and Lindsey, 1921)

Dejongia lobidactylus (Fitch, 1854) (PA)

Emmelina mondactyla (Linneaus, 1758) (PA)

Geina periscelidactyla (Fitch, 1854) (PA)

Geina sheppardi (Landry) (PA)

Geina tenuidactyla (Fitch, 1854) (PA)

Lioptilodes parvus (Walsingham, 1880)

Megalorrhipida defectalis (Walker, 1864)

Oidaematophorus alaskensis (Barnes and Lindsey, 1921)  (PA)
Oidaematophorus balanotes (Meyrick, 1908)
Oidaematophorus elliotii (C. H. Fernald, 1893) (PA)
Oidaematophorus glenni (Cashatt, 1972) (PA) (PA)
Oidaematophorus paleaceus (Zeller, 1873) (PA)
Oidaematophorus unicolor (Barnes and McDunnough, 1938)

Platyptilia pallidactyla (Haworth, 1811) (PA)
Platyptilia carduidactyla (Riley, 1869) (PA)

Pselnophorus belfrgei (Fish, 1881)

Sphenarches anisodactylus (Walker)
Spnenarches ontario (McDunnough, 1927) (PA)

Stenoptilodes brevipennis (Zeller, 1883) (PA)

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