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Hi Carl,

Maybe _Cyrestis thyodamus_

See the Hong Kong Lepidopterists' Society website for details: a direct
link to this species on the HKLS website is given:

Hope this helps,


C. Wernicke wrote:

> hi,
> when i was in china last i saw a butterfly called "map butterfly".  as
> might be expected, chinese common names are not the same as english
> ones, so this is not the nymphalid thta might be expected.  i am
> trying to find images of this butterfly, but in my notebook, i mention
> that it has spurs an the hind wings, akin to the lycaenids but it is
> larger and does not have the characteristic white rings around the
> eyes.
> other notes: from the apex of the fw to the apex of the hw, it is ~5.2
> cm.  additional info: white background on both wings, pea green and
> black cobwebby markings (hence the common name) with some
> rust/yellowish markings.  "v" like band on the dorsal hw... i was
> quite preoccupied with this one it seems, it took up 2 pages of my
> notebook... any way, i wanted to find out what family it might be in
> and whether or not this family is represented here in the states.
> sorry, no picture... but attached is "mapwing.bmp" which may
> illustrate important points... i hope.  the lines are combo of veins
> and wing coloration.
> sincerely,
> carl


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