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>> Are there rules regulating the treatment of insects?
>What about on movie sets? Are there rules about insects? I know there are
>special rules for children. And what may be legal in a lab with a cat is not
>legal on  a set. What about insects in a film? Do they  have rights? Does it
>make a difference if it is a pest like a hornworm or something nice like a

Insects have the option of being squashed or not squashed.  The option
is that of the human.  To squash or not squash is a subjective
decision.  Squash a mosquito?  Yes.  Squash a fly?  Yes.  Squash an
ant?  Yes.  Squash a termite?  Sure.  Squash a mantis?   Hope not.
Squash a millipede?  Maybe.  

So....what kind of insect is it?  A bug has no rights.  The human or
the car/truck determine their fate.  There are many states that would
like to rid themselves of all of a particular species of insects.
These states go about doing this without concern for the insects.

What is you basic point about presumed "insect rights?"

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