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>Sunsol wrote:
What of the billions of insects needlessly slaughtered on hiways.  It is 
always fun to see the house finch which is very common in and around 
commercial shopping plazas bouncing around from vehicle to vehicle 
picking the radiators for a quick bite to eat.

I don't think that PEDA (or other animal rights groups) will get the 
vocal backing of most folks as it seems everone has a adversion to 
But check this out:

I think that with anything there is a
humane approach without needlessly torturing insects.  We op for the 
freezer in our lab.


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>> > Are there rules regulating the treatment of insects?
>> What about on movie sets? Are there rules about insects? I know there 
>> are
>> special rules for children. And what may be legal in a lab with a cat is 
>> not
>> legal on  a set. What about insects in a film? Do they  have rights? 
>> Does it
>> make a difference if it is a pest like a hornworm or something nice like 
>> a
>> butterfly?
>Please don't take this note as criticism of you or your use of words.  
>Take it
>rather as a sign of my intolerance for society's attitude toward insects:
>"insects are pests, therefore kill first, ask questions later" -- informed
>action is always better.  Perhaps a hornworm is a pest to you and every 
>human with even an ounce of common sense, but to a jay or a cickoo, it is 
>or maybe food for its baby(ies).  This goes for the one eating your tomato 
>well as the one that has eating half the foliage on the Datura on the edge 
>some desert road in the middle of nowhere.

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