Plant Pain receptors

Bruce Walsh jbwalsh at
Fri Dec 17 10:48:28 EST 1999

I'm deeply troubled by the extreme animal-centric viewpoint shown by
users of this list.  While I fully support a very wide view of the rights of
organisms, it seems that users of this list stop at insects.  This is very
biased view and we must adopt a more encompassing one given our greater
enlightenment of life around us.

Plants have very sophisticated wound-response systems, based on special
hormones that signal an attack.  Clearly, these are the plant equivalent of
pain receptors.  Thus, plants to indeed "feel" pain, and it is only our
animal bias that causes us to ignore the truth.  So next time you pull that
bright, shinny apple of a tree, try to think about the pain that you are
causing to that living organisms when you rip off one of its reproductive
structures and then eat it raw.



PS.  After I put on my leather Nikes, I'm off to grab a burger

PSS:  PETA = People eating tasty animals

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