Plant Pain receptors

Paul Cherubini cherubini at
Fri Dec 17 04:53:27 EST 1999

Bruce Walsh wrote:
> I'm deeply troubled by the extreme animal-centric viewpoint shown by
> users of this list.  While I fully support a very wide view of the rights of
> organisms, it seems that users of this list stop at insects.  This is very
> biased view and we must adopt a more encompassing one given our greater
> enlightenment of life around us.

There also seems to be an extreme beauty-centric viewpoint in our
society with regard to both plants and animals. Activists will chain
themselves to forest tree, but not to a desert creosote bush. Activists
protest commercial butterfly releases as "demeaning" to the insects, but
wouldn't care if earwigs were being released. etc. etc.

Paul Cherubini

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