Knitted Nylon Plant Sleeves

Stanley A. Gorodenski stanlep at
Wed Dec 22 20:21:47 EST 1999

One note of warning in the event some readers are not aware of this.  If
these are a netting type nylon material, you may have a problem with
ants.  Years ago I had reared colonies of Chlosyne lacinia in the field
by enclosing the sunflower plant in a tube of nylon mesh with
drawstrings at both ends.  It kept out most insects, but apparently, the
closed confines of the netting prevented the larvae from exercising
their normal defense (which may include dropping to the ground) against
tiny ants that got through the netting.  The colony was decimated by
these tiny ants.  I had to make a circular enclosure of aluminum foil
and cotton at the base of the plant to keep the ants out.  Once I did
this I had no problems, and it was an excellent way of rearing large
larval colonies in the field.  

Stan Gorodenski

Linda Rogers wrote:
> Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 12:50:33 -0600
> (1) Place order now.
> (2) Pay for and take delivery in February.
> >
> Hello!
> >
> I will have some nice plant sleeves for sale, available in mid-February.
> These are of a white knitted nylon material, like a
> case with a drawstring at the open end, so that you can encase your
> milkweed or other larval plant and cinch it up at the bottom.  These
> sleeves will keep out the vast majority of predators and allow the plant to
> breathe.  The material will withstand bleachings for quite awhile (at 10%
> or lower).
> Prices are:
> 20" X 36" sleeve $4.50 each (36" long, 40" circumference)
> 36" X 50" sleeve $7.50 each (50" long, 72" circumference)
> >
> Prices include shipping.
> Minimum order: 10 total sleeves of either size, no mixing sizes.
> >
> Please e-mail me privately if you have questions or are interested in
> placing an order!  These will be high quality sleeves made to last with
> industrial gauge nylon thread.
> >
> Once your plants are feeding critters, you can protect the caterpillars and
> maximize the number of butterflies in your garden!
> >
> Vaya Con Mariposas!
> (Go With Butterflies)
> Linda Rogers
> (903) 874-6560

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