Queen butterfly

Jennifer L. Dennsion dennison_j at popmail.firn.edu
Sun Dec 26 16:44:49 EST 1999

I have been searching the web for information on the queen butterfly and

can't seem to find exactly what I wanted to know. Does anyone know how
the life expectancy is for the danaus gilippus?

I live in Florida (northern) and a friend brought me a queen butterfly
chrysalis as a gift. It seems almost ready to come out but I can't find
out any information on how long they stay in this stage or how long they

will live. Does anyone know this information or can you point me in the
direction? I have raised other butterflies but it was always when it was
warm and I was able to release them. Since it is winter here and it has
been getting below freezing, I am reluctant to let this queen butterfly
go as I don't want it to freeze to death! Could I get some of it's food
plants and keep it inside? Thanks for any suggestions!


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