Weird Insect! Please help!

Bruno cues at
Tue Dec 28 11:38:45 EST 1999

First thing I can think of is a Jerusalem Cricket (USA) family
Stenopelmalidae, but I don't know your location. Two websites that may help
Bruce (Utah)

jm <plowshare at> wrote in message news:38675B10.B9418132 at
> Hello, this strange bug was crawling around my house.  It looks like a
> huge ant.  Approx. 2 inches in length with very ant like features and a
> striped abdomen.  It has six thick legs and has a brownish color.
> Please help.  E-mail me with any information. I have a picture, but I
> wont post it here since it isn't a binaries group.  Thanks in advance
> for any help.

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