warm december/east bay fritilary sightings

Anne Kilmer viceroy at gate.net
Fri Dec 31 09:50:11 EST 1999

On St Simon's Island, Georgia (a coastal island) Dec. 27, a bright sunny
day, we watched a gulf fritillary (Agraulis vanillae), a yellow
butterfly (probably cloudless sulphur, Phoebis sennae) and a monarch or
viceroy or some such parading across the swimming pool, heading west,
about a half-hour apart.
Breakfast time ... and Heaven knows what they were feeding on.  Well,
there's a dog beach there ... 
Anne Kilmer
back in South Florida after a fine visit with grandchildren and their
entourage. And a happy New Year to all of you. 


Gary Anweiler wrote:
> Had a report today of a large noctuid seen flying by a window last night.
> In central Alberta.  Bizarre !  It has been hitting 6-8 degrees C. the past
> week.
> Gary Anweiler Edmonton Alberta Canada

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