So. Cal. BF Foodplants

wanda be496 at
Mon Feb 1 10:29:36 EST 1999

Dear Chris,

To my knowledge there isn't a "single book" that fulfills the color host
plant ID source.   In "Searching for Butterflies in So. Calif" a chunk
of the book has black & white line drawings of the caterpillar
foodplants illustrated with cross references to various other books that
are in color.  It also has 25 lists of butterflies by area of when to
find them and other So. Cal. BF info you may find useful.

Contact Flutterby Press, 818-340-0365, 23424 Jonathan St. Canoga Park
91304, Bio-Quip, L.A. Audubon Society, or LA-NABA Chapter meeting on 3rd

Cheers, Wanda Dameron
Los Angeles

"Christine A. Morigi" wrote:
> I traveled to Cambria, CA on 1/28 and 1/29.  All the hiking trails
> leading into Pine Ridge were closed for "plant rehabilitation", so I had
> no opportunity to check out the overwintering spot there.  I would have
> enjoyed sneaking in, but the planting crewmen were everywhere!  I did
> however travel up highway 1 to the eucalyptus grove located across the
> highway from Herst Castle.  Monarchs on the wing were plentiful, however
> I saw only a few clusters and then, only a few dozen clustered together
> in any one spot.  A little disappointing.
> I'm on the hunt for a host plant identification reference source.   Any
> recommendations to a good book would be appreciated.  Color pictures
> preferred.
> Chris Morigi
> Chatsworth, CA
> mail to: camorigi at

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