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This is the text available from issuing a REV LEPS-L SHORT command
to Yale's listproc server.  It is sent to the entire leps-l list 
around the start of each month.

********************** ABOUT THE LEPS-L LIST *************************
The Lepidoptera Listserver, or LEPS-L, is a general purpose electronic
forum for those with an interest in butterflies and moths.  Detailed
information can be found on the LEPS-L home page, at:
       LEPS-L HOME PAGE = http://www.peabody.yale.edu/other/lepsl
There is a computer gateway that connects LEPS-L to the Usenet
Newsgroup called sci.bio.entomology.lepidoptera (SBEL), and this means
that submissions sent to the former cross-post to the latter, and vice
versa.  You need only partake of one or the other forum to get all
LEPS-L was started in November 1994, and is presently supported via
Listproc on a Unix computer located at Yale University, New Haven,
Connecticut.  LEPS-L is the successor to leps at kaiwan.com, which was
phased out in December 1994.  SBEL was launched in November 1994, and
LEPS-L and SBEL were connected by the gateway into a unified forum in
January 1995, to allow subscribers latitude in how they receive posts.
The email traffic to LEPS-L/SBEL is archived in several places,
including at http://www.dejanews.com and http://www.reference.com, and
is also available as .zip files via the LEPS-L home page.
The volume of messages on LEPS-L/SBEL varies, but generally runs
between 5-25 per day.  The Online Lepidopterists' Who's Who (OLWW),
formerly a LEPS-L archive file, has followed its maintainer, Phil
Schappert, to Texas at http://www.esb.utexas.edu/philjs/olww/olww.html
Because some subscribers to LEPS-L pay network access fees based upon
the amount of material they receive, LEPS-L/SBEL subscribers should
always write succinctly and generally refrain from sending attachments
(e.g., images) to the list along with messages.  Private email
arrangements should be made "off list" for such purposes.
********************** COMMON LEPS-L QUESTIONS ***********************
To post messages to LEPS-L:
Compose email addressed to LEPS-L at LISTS.YALE.EDU and put what you want
to say to the group in the text of your email.  Please include a
several word synopsis of what your email is about in the Subject line.
Managing your LEPS-L subscription:
All email for managing LEPS-L subscriptions should be addressed to
LISTPROC at LISTS.YALE.EDU (not to the posting address).  Some of the
most commonly desired actions are as follows:
Your desire:                       Text of email should be:
signup to the list                 SUBSCRIBE LEPS-L yourname
signoff from the list              UNSUBSCRIBE LEPS-L
short info about the list          REV LEPS-L SHORT
full info, including subscribers   REV LEPS-L
review your subscription settings  SET LEPS-L
stop receipt of mail temporarily   SET LEPS-L MAIL POSTPONE
resume mail delivery again         SET LEPS-L MAIL
get mail as a daily digest         SET LEPS-L MAIL DIGEST
************* COMMERCIAL TRANSACTIONS ON LEPS-L/SBEL *****************
Contributors to LEPS-L/SBEL are asked to please refrain from posting
messages regarding overtly commercial transactions in Lepidoptera that
otherwise do not contribute to broader discussions.  Since LEPS-L/SBEL
is one of the largest and most widely known electronic forums for
Lepidoptera discussions, it is inevitable that occasional overtly
commercial postings will occur, and so subscribers to LEPS-L/SBEL
should exercise restrained, sound judgment in such instances.  The
Lepidoptera Livestock List (leps-livestock-list at fabre.oum.ox.ac.uk) is
a related forum that carries commercial trade notices, and can be
joined by sending a subscribe request to majordomo at fabre.oum.ox.ac.uk
Questions and/or comments about LEPS-L may be addressed to the LEPS-L
listowner, Larry Gall, at lawrence.gall at yale.edu
LEPS-L HOME PAGE = http://www.peabody.yale.edu/other/lepsl

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