Moth Traps (UK)

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Thu Feb 4 07:47:42 EST 1999

On 03 Feb 1999 21:51:14 GMT, wallmike at aol.comJunkie (WallMike) wrote:

>I have recently become interested in the identification and study of moths, and
>would like to acquire a moth trap for use in the garden (initially at least).

I've posted some plans at

As a lightsource I use an mv lamp with a choke reclaimed from an old
lamp post.  The blended mv lamps work without the need for an external
choke, but they are not supposed to be as good at attracting moths.

For portable traps I cannibalise the circuits from 12V camping lights
and buy 12W actinic tubes from Tandy or Maplins.  Car batteries to
power the portable traps come from the scrap pile at a local car
mechanics garage.

Good luck!

Paul Palmer

>Does anyone out there have any advice, experiences etc to pass on?
>Many thanks
>Mike Wall

p.j.palmer at

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