Grizzly bears and moths

Pierre A Plauzoles ae779 at
Fri Feb 5 14:46:23 EST 1999

In a previous article, jmh at (Patricia & Jeff Harding) says:

>According to James Fitzgerald, et al, in _Mammals of Colorado_, (1994)
>"Young adult grizzlies are the most effective hunters.  The animals have
>also been observed to work equally hard excavating talus slopes at high
>elevations seeking adult miller moths (the same insects that appear in
>large numbers at lower elevations many springs and summers during
>migration)."  I believe his information comes from Steve and Marilyn

Although I can't recall when and personally have no way of tracing the 
comment, I do remember something being said along those lines regarding 
larger moths, and other insects as well, in a documentary piece on bears on 
PBS, possibly on "Nature".
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