Grizzly bears and moths

Anne Kilmer viceroy at
Fri Feb 5 16:57:33 EST 1999

Shucks, we watched it on television, if that counts. Those bears were
just lapping the moths off every available surface, yum. 
The moths were warming themselves up on those nice handy hot rocks, and
it was much appreciated. 
I believe bears like ladybugs, too. So I suppose we replace them, when
we gather ladybugs for our gardening needs. (better we should eat them.)
Anne Kilmer
south Florida 

Pierre A Plauzoles wrote:
> In a previous article, jmh at (Patricia & Jeff Harding) says:
> >According to James Fitzgerald, et al, in _Mammals of Colorado_, (1994)
> >"Young adult grizzlies are the most effective hunters.  The animals have
> >also been observed to work equally hard excavating talus slopes at high
> >elevations seeking adult miller moths (the same insects that appear in
> >large numbers at lower elevations many springs and summers during
> >migration)."  I believe his information comes from Steve and Marilyn
> >French.
> Although I can't recall when and personally have no way of tracing the
> comment, I do remember something being said along those lines regarding
> larger moths, and other insects as well, in a documentary piece on bears on
> PBS, possibly on "Nature".
> --
> Pierre Plauzoles   ae779 at
> Canoga Park, California

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