butterfly houses

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Sun Feb 7 10:25:34 EST 1999

Butterfly houses may be something that we don't need to fret about.  
When I first saw them I worried that they might lure butterflies (such 
as the Anglewings) into trying to winter in them in an exposed spot 
unlike the typical sheds or woodpiles in which they are more likely to 

However, since they are not, apparently, affective in attracting 
butterflies they are not likely to be harmful, and they may actually 
encourage people to think about butterflies or natural history as 
something worthwhile to protect. 

I rank them a couple of step better than pink lawn flamingos (we have a 
a turtle sculpture and a woodchuck sculpture in our yard, so who am I to 
comment on flamingos). 

There are also bat shelters which have approximately the same design and 
as far as I can tell the same effectiveness. 

Mike Gochfeld

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