butterfly houses

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Sun Feb 7 15:55:07 EST 1999

Michael Gochfeld <gochfeld at EOHSI.RUTGERS.EDU> wrote in article
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> Butterfly houses may be something that we don't need to fret about.  
> When I first saw them I worried that they might lure butterflies (such 
> as the Anglewings) into trying to winter in them in an exposed........

I also don't think we need worry! The butterflies have more sense than
humans it seems.
They are no more likely to choose one of these "houses" in the wrong spot
than they are to choose an unsuitable natural place to overwinter.

 Anne Kilmers shed with the broken window is favorite for me. A favorite
"unatural" choice in UK is very old churches. (So they are useful for
something anyway!)
Nigel Venters

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