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Mon Feb 8 00:50:01 EST 1999

Dear Sirs,

I would like to inform everybody the following interesting news:

In Russia there is the Institute of the Scientific and Technical Information
(VINITI) that is specialized in obtaining and distributing scientific and
technical information in various fields of expertise. Utilizing the data
available in Russian and international scientific periodicals, VINITI
complies extensive summaries and publishes them in the form of general
review journals with brief abstracts of articles from the primary scientific
and technical issues.

On the basis of these issues you can choose articles and documents and
receive them in English by mail, on diskettes, D or E-mail in format of
Word 7.0 or Word`97.

You can receive detailed free catalogue of general review journals in
English on subjects, specified further, if forward your inquiry to VINITI`
representative, a USA based company - US-Russia Marketing Group (HTTP://

E-MAIL: urmg at
TEL: (203) 961-0336
FAX: (203) 325-4990

1.Automatic Control and Electronics.
2.Astronomy, Geodesy and Space Research. Research of Earth from Space.
3.Natural Sciences (Biology, Medicine, Agriculture).
7.Mining Industry.
8.Informatics. Publishing and Polygraphy.
9.Mathematics. Computing Sciences.
10.Industrial Engineering.
11.Metallurgy and Welding.
13.Environmental Protection.
16.Chemistry and Chemical Technology.
17.Industrial Economics.
18.Electrical Engineering and Power Industry.

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