Butterflies Through Binoculars : The East

Michael Gochfeld gochfeld at eohsi.rutgers.edu
Thu Feb 18 18:39:14 EST 1999

Ron Lane asked if the new Glassberg EASTERN BUTTERFLIES THROUGH BINOCULARS book is entirely new or an expansion of the NORTHEASTERN book.  I have seen briefly a copy and I would say it is quite new.  It follows the format of the original book with a text and also with field notes opposite photos, but the coverage is the eastern US excluding southern Florida (which I understand will be a separate book). 

I personally like the regional guide so you don't have to wonder about out of range skippers that look like local skippers.  I can't say off hand how many new species are in this book that aren't in the first volume, but it covers a much broader area, both to the south and the west. 

I didn't actually check how far west it goes.  Hope this helps. MIKE GOCHFELD

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