growing butterflies in israel

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Sun Feb 21 01:34:20 EST 1999

I am new to this group and hope this is the right address to my 

I gathered a few questions and information concerning our interest in 
starting to grow butterflies here, in Israel, by the dead sea.
1. Ein Gedi is situated in the lowest spot on Earth. The region is 
desert, very hot and extremely dry. We live by the Dead Sea and the 
special butterfly we have here is the DANAUS CHRYSIPPUS. 
2. We are thinking of starting to grow different sorts of butterflies - 
for research & also as an atraction for tourists.
3. Questions I would like to ask:
A) What sorts of butterflies might suit our environment?
B) Is it possible to grow several kinds of butterflies in the same 
'greenhous' ('container')?
C) What conditions do we need to create for the plants and the 
D) Can we grow the whole cycle of the butterfly in the same conditions?
E) Do you know people who are experts in growing those sorts of 
butterflies we are looking for (maybe tropical, desert etc...)?
Thanks for your attention. Any help that may give us the first push will 
be appreciated.
Klila Levyim
Ein Gedi
Dead Sea 

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