growing butterflies in israel

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>I am new to this group and hope this is the right address to my 
>I gathered a few questions and information concerning our interest in 
>starting to grow butterflies here, in Israel, by the dead sea.
>1. Ein Gedi is situated in the lowest spot on Earth. The region is 
>desert, very hot and extremely dry. We live by the Dead Sea and the 
>special butterfly we have here is the DANAUS CHRYSIPPUS.

Neat Butterfly, similar to the Monarch.
>2. We are thinking of starting to grow different sorts of butterflies - 
>for research & also as an atraction for tourists.
>3. Questions I would like to ask:
>A) What sorts of butterflies might suit our environment?

For starters whatever you can find outside!

>B) Is it possible to grow several kinds of butterflies in the same 
>'greenhous' ('container')?

No it is not a good idea as they will often require different food plants. 
Small plastic cups worka at the star and larger ones used later often work for
the hobbyist.

>C) What conditions do we need to create for the plants and the 

Use Plants that can grow outside.  Only the leaves need be out in the rearing

>D) Can we grow the whole cycle of the butterfly in the same conditions?

Up to the adult butterfly yes, the adults need space to fly.

>E) Do you know people who are experts in growing those sorts of 
>butterflies we are looking for (maybe tropical, desert etc...)?

There are such.

>Thanks for your attention. Any help that may give us the first push will 
>be appreciated.
>Klila Levyim
>Ein Gedi
>Dead Sea 

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