2/20 Southern Cal

Mark Walker MWalker at gensym.com
Fri Feb 26 13:32:06 EST 1999

Moe at home wrote:

> i am new to this NG, and in fact just got interested in the subject
> through
> my Insect Life course at UMASS, but i was wondering do you trap any
> butterflies or just observe? anyone with opinions on collecting? or a
> didital collection as an alternative?
	I will perhaps surprise all by NOT restarting the collecting debate.
Instead, I will answer the question - at least as much as it applies to me:

	I do trap and collect, rather passionately as a matter of fact, but
I always observe.  I have many opinions about this, which I will be more
than happy to share with you one-on-one (many on this list I fear have grown
weary of my opinions).  There is quite a history of this debate, which
flares up here on the NG/list about two and a half times a year, in the
LEPS-L archives.  The making of a digital collection is a great idea, on the
other hand, and will be most rewarding.

	I think it's great that you've obtained a new interest following
your Insect Life course.  The butterfly season is a little more than a month
away for you in Massachusetts.  Let me know if you're interested, and I can
connect you with a few others from Mass who share this interest (both
collectors and observers).

	Mark Walker
	Mission Viejo, CA

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