SF Sighting

Brian Beard bbeards at ix.netcom.com
Fri Feb 26 20:17:32 EST 1999

Finally an adult on wing here in San Francisco.

	My last record is from XII.16.98, (1) D. plexippus
					  (1) J. coenia, form rosa
That was a great day for us here lots of sun, high temp was 74.
	Then came what goes for winter here.
	This Feb. has been good for V. annabella cats, I've been finding 
them on various wild and cultivated Althaea (Hollyhocks).
	Today I hiked out to photograph some of my favorite butterfly
sites as they look in what passes for early spring here, just restless 
and wishing it were July.  Partly sunny yesterday and today, highs 62 or 
so, rain is promised for the next two days. I really did not expect to 
see anyone about when I noticed a lovely Pyrgus communis, male, basking 
as best he could on this dull day, and in great shape, very fresh.

	So ending 71 days with no local wings.

Ignore your TV.

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