Practical Chemical Information Sought

priamus at priamus at
Sat Feb 27 03:50:00 EST 1999

Most of us know about using Napthalene flakes to prevent dermestid
infestation and how Paradichlorobenzine kills dermestids to protect our
butterfly collections.

However, I have a situation/application which prevents me from using a
solid form of either of the foregoing and it has been suggested that
"painting" the abdomens with either of these products or another
suitable solution, would achieve my goal.
I'm no chemist and I even make a lousy cup of coffee, so I'm reluctant
to play around with chemicals that might be carcinogenic or make my face
to fall off. (This from a guy who smokes 40 a day?) 

If there are any budding Nobel Prize winners out there who can suggest a
PRACTICAL and PROVEN method of treating specimens as I've outlined,
could you please advise me.

Chris Hocking
Papillon Entomology . . . . . . . . . . Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

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