BF Report - Los Angeles Co.

wanda be496 at
Sun Feb 28 06:53:03 EST 1999

Butterflies seen yesterday 2/27/99 by some/all--Mary Shepherd, Phyllis
Barry, Mark, Christian & Matt Walker, Wanda Dameron in canyons above
Glendora, Los Angeles County & approximate #'s

Western Tiger Swallowtails - 4
Pale Swallowtail - 8
California Dogface - 5 - unusually good looks
Cabbage White	- 8
Sara Orangetip  - 5
(Western) Brown Elfin	- 2  
(Echo Blue)Spring Azure 	- 2
Acmon Blue	- 1
Mourning Cloak	- 25--everywhere! in pairs, males spiraling up....  
Melitta Crescent - 12
Satyr Comma	- 2
(Western) Milbert's Tortoiseshell - 1

Probable, but flybys prevented definite ID:

California Ringlet, 
'White' Common Checkered Skipper
Painted Lady

Note:  Dalton Cyn. is closed M-F due to work on the upper dam and stream
water blocked.  The latter had some impact on low # of butterflies seen
in this canyon (though didn't get there til midday).  Recommend
consideration of  trails in Little Dalton Cyn (next canyon west--most of
above reports) and/or Azusa cyn, plus understand Mark had some
additional sitings the previous week on trails off Glendora Mt. Rd.

Jim Springer--in response to your query about the earlier reported
probable Fritillary, while we'll never know for certain, our conjecture
is of a rather large male Melitta Crescent.  Factors that made us wonder
were the extremely early date and previously unknown in literature south
of Sierras in Kern Co., from a very well-worked butterfly area.   Some
Melittas that were seen yesterday had particularly dark ventrals and in
a flyby, along with the dark orange dorsal of the males, could have
easily been mistaken for a (Western Meadow) Pacific Fritillary. 	

A beautiful day in the field!

Cheers, Wanda Dameron
Los Angeles, Calif.

P.S.  For those butterflying in so. Calif., recommend: "Searching for
Butterflies in Southern California," from so. Cal. Audubons, Bio-Quip,
or Flutterby Press--be496 at   It has BF lists for 25 areas by
habitat, tips on location, updated NABA names, local subspecies,
foodplant section, timelines, BF count synopsis, immigrants, Lifelist,
sensitive species, etc.

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